Photo taken by  Jenny GG Photography

Photo taken by Jenny GG Photography

Photo taken by  Mike Nakamura Photography
DJ Zack and His Mom

DJ Zack and His Mom

DJ Zack Mixing some tunes…

DJ Zack Mixing some tunes…

Zackary Strauss (Zack)

(Follow Him on Instagram - @djturntables1995) 

Owner | Principal DJ | Client Relations | Event Tech

Zackary Strauss, Born (October 3rd, 1995) and raised in Seattle, Wa and lived in and around Seattle all of his life. Now In his early twenties; he is a business owner, Professional DJ and a Twin (to Caleb strauss). He was trained by one of Seattle's Best Wedding dJ around - Mr. Brian Dale (Who was  Zack's Uncle), the founder and owner of Wave Link Music, Inc. for almost 27 years. Zack started to assist Brian with events when he was around 12 yrs old and months later he became an novice DJ with the company. Zack wanted to do more events on his own, such as small parties, weddings, Corporate Events and Social gatherings. So when Brian realized that Zack was getting great feedback and Positivity from clients and the industry, that he soon became one of Wave Link Music's Professional DJ.

Brian Dale mixing music during a party.

Brian Dale mixing music during a party.

When Business was going great for Wave Link Music, Inc, they had the worst thing possible Happened to them. On February 11th, 2015 Brian Dale suddenly passed away and with the shock of his passing, Zack and Brian's wife Toshi realised that they still need to continue on with his Legacy. With the Help of the Weddings and Event industry in seattle and all of their friends, they Were able to continue on with the business even though it was never going to be the same with Brian being gone. Everybody and anybody knew Brian and he was simply the best in Seattle. 

a few years before brian passed, he wanted to move more into the lighting side of event and do more production based events and weddings. That's when Zackary really got his passion, when him and brian started to do more production events, they both knew That's the Directions Wave Link Music, Inc should go, more lighting and more planning and not just being an Amazing DJ company.  Although Brian never fully got to finish his dream, Zack did and That's how he his here today, to make your dreams/visions into a reality!  

'Experience With Us!'

Zackary has worked with many large corporations, local vendors, private clients, and brides and grooms to bring moves to their feet and beats in their heads "Everybody Dance Now!". He is great at mixing and loves music. He brings a special kind of groove to every event and will make your next event one to be Remembered. He is a quiet guy but passionate at what he does and strives to create an experience for everyone, whether that's in a song selection or the simple Light Shows he can create, every moment of your event with be perfect! "I love what I do, and if I didn't love what I do, then I wouldn't be do it anymore! That's why I learn, listen, and embark on a journey with every single one of my clients to give them the best experience possible and more!". With his experience, connections, and knowledge he is liked by everyone in the industry and hopefully you will get to experience his skills one day soon! 

Types of Events: 
EVERYTHING!!!! (Weddings, Parties, School Events, Corporate Events, Awards Shows, Trade-shows, Open Houses, and more...)

Favorite Music to Spin (Club Style): 
Top 40, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), House, Classic's (60's - 00's), Party Tunes, remixes and more...

Interests & Hobbies: 
Music, Cars, Electronics, Traveling, Photography, Spending time with Family, and Pitbulls-Bulldogs. 

DJ Zack getting ready for a Barn wedding!

DJ Zack getting ready for a Barn wedding!


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